New Product Testing & Consumer Focus Groups

The challenge of entering the China market has become an increasingly important one for Western companies of all shapes and sizes. Beechworth Honey, one of Australia’s most iconic and trusted honey brands, launched a push into this market in 2017.

With more than fifty varietals, a honey-infused drinks range, luxury beauty products and a new range of Manuka Tea Tree honeys, Beechworth Honey commissioned GAO to deliver a qualitative research project to understand the opportunities to engage with Chinese consumers. 

GAO managed a series of structured research focus groups and product testing with the local Chinese community in Australia which aimed to:

  • Identify Chinese consumers’ honey preference / consumption patterns
  • Explore the factors influencing purchasing decisions
  • Understand Chinese gifting preference and price points

GAO provided Beechworth Honey with significant insights to inform market entry activities, and offered practical recommendations that could be integrated into their expansion.

Senior Focus Group

Explore the factors influencing key purchasing decisions


Understand Chinese gifting preference and price points

Senior Focus Group